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In the international translation market, amount of localization projects is determined by counting either words or characters (each letter and figure in a text). Therefore, our company also implements a system of counting words or characters in a text to conclude final price. NOTE: Each regular page in Office Word files contains around 2-3 thousand characters or 360 to 540 words. However, larger pages such as PDF and pages with smaller fonts may contain much more characters or words.

How can I receive support during or after translation projects?

You should send your files to receive a quote and possible delivery term. You can also contribute and inspect ongoing translation projects by means of providing term lists or giving your ideas for better service. Besides, you can contact us anytime to add/remove any sections in your text.

How can I pay for finished translation projects?

You can complete your payments via wire transfer to our local T.C. Ziraat Bank account. You can make your payment after official translation project approval (via e-mail) and after your project is completed. 

Are there any discounts?

Our prices per 180 words/1000 characters may vary according to text content, difficulty (e.g., for academic articles) and size of your text. All applications for translation through our web site will automatically receive 25% discount.

Can I send sample translations?

In all our translation projects, document privacy is our priority. However, we are able to send you samples from Introduction sections of any manuals and articles that are mainly deemed in public domain. Besides, you can send your sample pages for any trial translations.

Do you have subcontractors/freelancers for your translations?

Şentürk Translations is a home office company with only one translator. We have never used any inexperienced freelancers for our translation projects. This one-man company structure will ensure quality and consistency in your projects. 

Do you need assistance?


You can contact us anytime during the day, we are ready to help you.

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