Microsoft Company Software Translations - 1500 Pages

Microsoft Company Software Translations - 1500 Pages

As a freelancer, I completed a translation project for Microsoft's company software (Dynamics, NAV etc.) with a size of 1.8 million characters (1500 pages) in a month. 

I have obtained experienced in software translations. A short text sample from the project: ENG: "The file export has one or more errors.\\For each line to be exported, resolve the errors displayed to the right and then try to export again."
TR: "Dosya dışarı aktarma bir veya daha fazla hataya sahip.\\Her bir satırın dışarı aktarılması için, sağda görüntülenen hataları giderin ve ardından yeniden dışarı aktarmayı deneyin."

  • A total of 1.8 million characters.
  • Microsoft company software localization.
  • A project of one month duration.
  • Quality and fast delivery.
  • Software interface translation
  • Excel table translations
  • English-Turkish translation service
  • Detailed designed and final processing service.

In our technical texts, we offer great trust. Especially, we are expert in technical devices and software. Feel free to contact us for details. 

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    23 Sep 2017
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  • Software Used:
    SDL Trados 2017
  • Translation Amount:
    1.8 million characters - 1500 pages
  • Language Pair and Side:
    English - Turkish